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1. Wash It The Day After You Get It Done


Hair Care Manual says that you should ideally wait as long as you can to wash your hair after you color it, either at the salon or at home. The cuticle needs time to fully absorb and lock in the colors.

If you can’t wait more than a day, then at least give it those 24 hours before rinsing or shampooing. You should also look for a shampoo intended for your shade, as that will help it last longer.

2. Spend Too Much Time In The Sun


You hear about protecting your skin from the sun, but you never really think about protecting your hair from those same UV rays. The sun will break down the melanin in your tresses, causing it to fade and dull.

Luckily, there are products out there that protect your hair from the UV rays, much like sunscreen. You can also wear hats and scarves to add extra protection.

A little bit of sun is good for you, but no one should spend too much time out there!

3. Get It Wet Too Often


Hair expands when it’s wet, and it is permeable, as Hair Science says. When this happens, it lets the color out.

So you may want to switch out a few of your regular washes with a good application of dry shampoo.

4. Use Hot Water

4. Use Hot Water

You should always rinse your colored hair with cold or lukewarm water, as that closes the cuticle and locks in the color. Using warm or hot water is the best way to strip your hair of color quickly.

Hair colorist Ursula Goff says that, “hot water is your enemy here. You will also want to make sure [you] use cold water at home for maximum color separation and longevity.”

5. Forget To Condition

damaged hair

In Style notes that conditioner is key in keeping your dye job looking fresh. The conditioner not only helps restore your most likely damaged hair, but it puts a protective layer on it that helps keep the color in.

Always condition your hair after a shampoo, especially on the ends where the hair is extra damaged.

6. Roughly Towel Dry

6. Roughly Towel Dry

Celebrity hairstylist and author Monae Everett told The Huffington Post that using a towel to roughly dry your hair off can damage it even further, worsening split ends and creating craters in the shaft.

Weaker hair doesn’t hold color as well, and the towel drying in and of itself can fade the color. Opt to air dry or swap your towel for a soft cotton T-shirt.

7. Use Too Much Heat


As reported by Teen Vogue, hair stylist Guy Tang strongly warns against using heated tools on dyed hair, as it causes it to fade drastically.

If you must use heated styling tools, never use them on the highest setting in order to save that shade.

8. Forget To Put The Gloss Back In


The cuticles of your hair are what gives it its shine, and when you add color to them, they dull down.

It’s recommended that you use your preferred type of gloss treatment to restore that lustrous shine to your locks.

9. Get It Done By Many Different Stylists


Colorist Rita Hazan says that it takes at least three times for a colorist or stylist to put their “stamp” on your hair.

If you’re bopping around from colorist to colorist, then your hair will look less cohesive and, in a word, bad. If you stay faithful, your stylist will be able to really tend to your hair and make it look lovely!

10. Use Box Dye To Cover A Salon Job

box dye

A hairdresser on Reddit says that box dyes contain metallic salts that build upon each other and the color that is already there. They are also incredibly difficult to lift.

If you plan on going back to a salon to get your color done, don’t toss on a box dye in between. Your stylist will have to work twice as hard to get you the color you want.

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