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1. Body Part


Prompt: “The fur of this rodent seen here is said to be 30 times softer than human hair.”

Response: “What is a titmouse?”

Correct Response: Chinchilla, but this response is even more hilarious when you realize a titmouse is actually a type of bird.

2. Tool Time


Prompt: “This term for a long-handled gardening tool can also mean an immoral pleasure seeker.”

Response: “What is a hoe?”

Correct Response: Rake, a shortened form of the old term for a “rakehell,” or “hellraiser.”

3. Military Men


Prompt: “On June 6, 1944, he said, ‘The eyes of the world are upon you.’

Response: “Who is some guy in Normandy but I just won $75,000!”

Correct Response: Dwight D. Eisenhower, but the teen who won the tournament was also correct about his new funds.


4. Hymns


Prompt: “A Christian hymn and Jewish holiday hymn are both titled this, also the name of a 2009 Tony-nominated musical.”

Response: What is Kinky Boots?

Correct Response: “Rock of Ages,” which was also a 2012 film starring Tom Cruise.

5. Science And Industry

Alfred Nobel

Prompt: “In 1981 this European said, ‘Perhaps my factories will put an end to war sooner than your congresses.’”

Response: “Who is this handsome gentleman?” (Including arrow pointing up at himself.)

Correct Response: Alfred Nobel, but you have to give the guy points for creativity!

6. Asian Nations

chao phraya

Prompt: “The Chao Phraya, this country’s main river, flows to the gulf named for the country.”

Response: “What is Mexico?”

Correct Response: Thailand, which as we all know is actually in Asia.

7. Group Countdown

love triangle

Prompt: “If Andy years for Brenda and Brenda cares about Charlene who pines for Andy, the three of them form one of these.”

Response: “What is a threesome?”

Correct Response: Love triangle, but you can probably see where the contestant got things mixed up.

8. Sports Superstars

Magic Johnson

Prompt: “100+ assists in an NHL season has been accomplished only 13 times, 11 times by this player.”

Response: “Who is Magic Johnson?”

Correct Response: Wayne Gretzky, perhaps the world’s most famous hockey player.

9. Notable Groups

algonquin round table

Prompt: “Harpo Marx was among this group when it met in NYC’s Rose Room for its final time, in 1943, and found there was nothing left to say.”

Response: “What is I have no idea?”

Correct Response: The Algonquin Round Table, a group New York City writers, critics, actors, and comedians who met for lunch from 1919 to about 1929.

10. Americana

Alex Trebek

Prompt: “The original one of these in Massachusetts’ Little Brewster Island was built in 1716; automation didn’t come until 1998.”

Response: “What is Kebert Xela?”

Correct Response: Lighthouse, but the contestant got a smile from Alex with the Family Guy reference spelling the host’s name backwards.

11. 16th Century Names

lady godiva

Prompt: “Paul III roared at him, ‘I have waited 30 years for your services. Now I’m Pope, can’t I satisfy my desire?’”

Response: “Who is Lady Godiva?”

Correct Response: Michelangelo, who probably kept his clothes on unlike the fabled horse-riding woman.

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