We’ve all seen abandoned cars while we’re out and about, but have you ever wondered about the stories behind them?

I wish the answers were written somewhere on their rusting metal, but it’s still fascinating to simply observe them and imagine what they were really like way back when they had fresh coats of paint and all their working parts — like families from the 1950s running errands or the military men who would have been behind the wheel of #4.

Some are too far gone to ever be restored, but I really hope someone takes the effort to spruce up more than a few of these striking automobiles left out to be worn away by nature. I really think #7 could be returned to its former glory with the right amount of elbow grease!

Have you ever wondered about the abandoned cars you’ve seen in your town? Or had one restored to ride in again?

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green abandoned car

This old two-door is starting to blend into its surroundings as it takes on the mossy green color over its rust.


grassy abandoned car

It looks like this busted blue car could use a trim on top.


rusty abandoned car

The purple wild flowers give this rustbucket a bohemian look.


abandoned armored car

It had to be pretty eerie for the folks who stumbled on this old armored car abandoned in Wales, but it’s such a fascinating piece of history, too.


mossy abandoned car

I almost expect this super-mossy jalopy to start talking to me like one of Jim Hensen’s Muppets.


teal abandoned car

If we could rewind time on this teal car, I’m sure we’d see a very happy driver behind the wheel with a such a vibrant paint job.


blue and yellow abandoned car

I honestly hope someone finds this two-toned ride and spruces it back up to its former glory!


abandoned car in sand

According to the photographer, the waves revealed this sand-trapped car on the shores of New York back in 1973.


abandoned beach car

This one went missing in the ’70s, but was finally found washed up in 2o10 over on the other side of the country in California and looking much worse for the wear.


abandoned car in pond

If cars could talk, I’m sure this one would have a compelling story about how it ended up way out in the middle of nowhere and stranded in a pond all those years ago.


abandoned car covered in leaves

You can see just the tiniest bit of moss springing on top of this one, but I’m more interested in the petite back window’s curvy design.


abandoned car with moss

I love the contrast in the dark vehicle and the bright nature surrounding it.



This looks like something my grandpa would have had on his farm way back in the day!

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