Street performers everywhere do anything from dancing, singing, and even comedy and tricks! The list is never ending, and whether they’re looking for some tips or just enjoying entertaining others, they stop people in their tracks more times than not.

Even if you’re having a busy day, sometimes hearing music as you walk toward work can be a great start to your day. Plus, dancing in the streets is something I’ll never turn down.

And after watching this video, I might have met my match.

This elderly woman walks up to a beatboxer as he starts to play the harmonica and stuns absolutely everyone when she breaks out in a dance performance as if she was 20 years old!

She moves and grooves, and even finds her way to the ground for some hair whipping!

This elderly woman may have gray hair, but she definitely is not an old soul.

Could you imagine walking by to see this duo performing? I’d definitely stop to watch. Which must be why this street grew such a crowd so quick!

Would you stop and enjoy the show? Let us know in the comments what you think about this dance performance from a stunning elderly woman with some serious moves!

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