Tina is a forty-something mom and grandmother who volunteers at the local school as a crossing guard. About 10 years ago, she noticed her toenails beginning to thicken and curl into her skin. The condition only got worse until it became unbearable to walk.

In addition, Tina’s lack of quality dental insurance has resulted in multiple extractions and took decay. It got to the point she only had one remaining tooth.

She couldn’t even look in the mirror without breaking down. “I feel like I’m falling apart,” Tina said through tears.

A couple years back, Tina reached out to “The Doctors” for some much-needed help. They sent her to a dentist and foot and ankle specialist, and both said her respective cases ranked high in the most severe they’d ever seen.

In the clip below, the former show guest returns to “The Doctors” to reveal her stunning head-to-toe makeover. Her husband’s emotional reaction is enough to bring tears to your eyes.

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