Two-year-old Parker was on the back porch with his dad Trent, who was gathering firewood for s’mores. Out of nowhere, a snake attacked and bit Parker on the foot.

Parker didn’t so much as flinch or show he was in pain — but Trent and his wife Amy did exactly what they needed to do, and rushed him to the hospital.

One of the most crucial steps the parents took was to snap a photo of the actual snake that bit their son and bring it to the hospital, so doctors knew exactly how to treat the bite.

Most bites in this area of the country come from copperhead snakes, but doctors looked at the photo and knew Parker was the victim of a rattlesnake, one of the most dangerous snakes in Texas and the Panhandle states.

After 22 vial of anti-venom and lots of love and care, Parker was on the road to recovery.

If you find an unknown mark on your child’s body, the Mayo Clinic suggests seeking medical attention if the person starts experiencing pain, cramping, stiffness, or excessively sweating. If you have doubt whether a bite on your child came from a snake, see your doctor immediately.

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