This is either painfully hilarious or painfully embarrassing… how about both?

Bill decided he was ready to propose to Breanne, his girlfriend of seven years. So, he gathered up her and her family, and they all headed off to a rock pier on Lake Michigan, the same spot where they had their very first date. How sweet!

But Breanne had no clue that Bill brought her to their special place under false pretenses. Her whole family was in on the sneaky scheme…. well, everyone except for Breanne’s mom, Eva.

While Bill and Breanne posed for the camera, trying to stay warm on such a chilly day, Breanne’s sister yelled at their mom Eva to get out of the shot. She was literally right in front of the camera.

Eva tried scooting out of the way, and she tried her best, but right before Bill got down on one knee the clumsy mom tripped on a rock — and face-planted into the sand, right at the couple’s feet!

You’d think Bill would hold off on popping the question, but wait until you see how he decided to handle the epic fail.

This clip viral with over three million views, and you’re about to see why.

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