Since its inception in 1912, Girl Scouts of the USA has absolutely ballooned in size with over 2.7 million current members.

Within Girl Scout troops around the country, members learn leadership skills and bond with their peers — it’s so much more than earning a few badges and selling cookies.

And within this sizable stratosphere, a new troop has been formed in Queens, New York; troop 6000. 

This particular troop happens to be unique because all of its 21 members are homeless.

The troop operates out of a Sleep Inn, which serves as a temporary shelter in Long Island City. 

They meet on Fridays and divide their time between reading books together, making t-shirts, and writing in their notebooks

Giselle Burgess, who is also homeless and lives at the shelter, came up with the idea as a way to help out the kids.

The troop is certainly an excellent supplement to the shelter system, which aims to stabilize families in need while offering opportunities toward “literacy, enrichment, and even employment“

The girls involved are not just participating in arbitrary activities; they are forming a sisterhood that can serve as a safe space and as a resource for learning new things.

Check out the clip below, which explains more about the troop and how they operate within the shelter system.

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