When 911 dispatchers answer a call that gets disconnected, they may think the worst.

But when Aurora, Illinois police officer Jeff Parrish and Sergeant Doug Podschweit went to a home after someone hung up on 911, they discovered a 6-year-old boy had made the call.

Thankfully, the boy wasn’t in danger nor was he hurt in any way.

He had just lost his fidget spinner. He accidentally threw it onto his neighbor’s balcony while playing around and had no way of getting it down since the apartment was empty.

Instead of getting upset with the boy for calling 911 about that, the two officers went above and beyond and wanted to help out the boy. They grabbed a ladder and went searching for the boy’s toy on the neighboring balcony.

They did find it and the little boy asked for a photo with the police officer.

This isn’t the first time we’ve heard of police officers helping children. The Oxford Police Department helped rally a community to help a lost girl find her favorite stuffed animal, one paramedic helped a teen tie his tie when he came to the police station looking for help and another officer helped a 10-year-old girl when a math question stumped her.

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Footage provided courtesy of  WGNTV  (WGN News Chicago)