Every cat owner knows that there are certain things that cats just hate, like water and the family dog.

Well, it is time to add robots to that list apparently! I know my own cats eye the refrigerator when it makes loud sounds. And they hate the vacuum, so it makes sense.

My cats are very inquisitive. Even though they spend 90% of their day sleeping, they somehow always manage to notice when there is something new in my room.

I realize that they notice this because they like to pounce on it! The cats in the compilation video below, which first went viral in 2015, all notice they same thing.

Their owners wanted to see how they would react to a robot cat. Needless to say, the cats reacted, but it probably wasn’t the reaction that their owners were looking for. Or maybe it was?

Almost every single cat stops walking when they spot the intruder in either their living room, dining room, or whatever part of the house (indoors or outdoors) their owner put the robot.

Some cats tackle it, some cats circle around the robot, and others just glare at the robot, as if that will get the creature to just disappear. How do you think your cat would react? Let us know in the Facebook comments!

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