At John F. Miller School in Las Vegas, the students will never get to go to college, get married or even attend prom like others do.

That’s because the students, who range from ages three to 22, are all severely disabled. Most of them are in wheelchairs and many of them cannot speak.

“Not all of our students live to see their graduation day,” the principal says. “So this one of those huge life milestones that we’re all proud of them for, and we want to make it special for them and their families.”

However, the school has no extra funding or student council. Instead, they have rising medical costs and particularly exhausted parents.

Five seniors are graduating from John F. Miller this year, but the event was scheduled to be lackluster.

Enter the FOX5 Surprise Squad, who secretly took over the school to give the miracle graduating class the prom they so deserve.

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Video Credit: FOX5 Surprise Squad / YouTube / Facebook