When 8-year-old Mahala Moffitt stepped through the doors of a consginemnt shop called A New Leaf, she never expected to cause such a stir.

She spotted an adorable Mrs. Claus teddy bear up for sale, but it wasn’t the right time. Then, she had an incredible idea — which turned into something much greater.

In the video below, posted on April 18, 2017, the store’s owner, Meg Gaudet, explains, “I just finished decorating the store for Christmas and this young girl came up and she asked for a pen and paper.” Meg doesn’t think anything of the interaction and hands Mahala a sticky note.

Days later, Meg finds what the little girl had left behind.

Mahala recalls, “I put a little sticky note on her and it said, ‘Don’t leave, I’ll be back.’”

When Meg sees this, she immediately decides to reunite Mahala with the teddy bear she wanted that day, but was a dollar short of purchasing.

They post on their Facebook page and post a sign of their own on a window at the shop, hoping someone will read it and get a hold of Mahala.

Little do the employees know, Mahala is in and out of the hospital due to health issues, the reason she didn’t return.

Months later, the little girl feels healthy enough to reunite with her special bear, all thanks to the employees.

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