When you think of synchronized swimmers, you might imagine their legs flailing flawlessly above the water, and their colorful swim caps bobbing in, out, and all around the surface.

Could you ever perform a meticulously choreographed routine underwater like they do? Have you ever tried?

These synchronized swimmers are enjoying Y-40, the world’s deepest pool. The Deep Joy in Italy  Their choreography is entertaining and stunning to watch from outside of the pools, but can you even imagine what it looks like when watching from underwater? What about underwater, and upside down?

In this stunning video below, you’ll be captivated by exactly that.

Instead of recording a synchronized swimming performance from above water — watching the routine that takes place behind the scenes and beneath the surface happens to be even more mesmerizing than you might think.

The swimmers look like they’re walking on water at first, but when they go above, it looks like they’re falling.

It almost looks eerie at some points, but there’s no denying the beautiful way it looks when they move through the waters so effortlessly.

This video proves all that goes on that we don’t even notice, and just how much work and athleticism go into this sport! I couldn’t look away!

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