After Redditor mysacrificee and his father installed a koi pond beside their backyard shed, the old stucco structure looked like an eyesore compared to the elegant water feature.

When summer rolled around this year, they took their tools to the little building. After countless hours of work, it was hardly recognizable, and seeing the finished product might inspire you to do something similar!

Since the shed was actually entirely stable, all they wanted to do was replace the ugly stucco exterior.

They ripped it all off over a few days.

From there, they took some measurements for the new siding.

They bought house wrap and deck screws for the siding.

Here’s a side view.

While they waited on the siding, the family decided to make a little pergola next to the pond.

They needed a straightedge to fasten the header to the pergola. They cut back the plywood overhanging the eave with a circular saw.

They decided to go with a cedar tone for that piece.

At that point, they knew they were creating something epic.

The hard work was paying off!

To make things look even nicer, they decided to add a side railing.


They took a couple truckloads of junk to the dump. Their old Chevy handled it like a dream!

When mysacrificee found this old window at a friend’s house, he added it to his upgrade plans!

All good builds need some rework halfway through. In this case, he needed to move a stud for the window framing.

After that, he cut out a square for the frame.

Let there be (natural) light.

It’s out!

And it’s in!

And it’s done!

Next, they took a picture of the siding of their actual house so they had something to compare to when ordering in the store.

The siding came in and it was time to stain it.

Staining took some time and a pair of jeans were ruined in the process. Worth it once you see the final product!

More staining. Not pictured: a lot more siding.

Next step was stapling up the aforementioned house wrap and starting on the siding.

The installation process went faster than anyone had anticipated!

It quickly started looking gorgeous.

These 45-degree angles were hand cut into every piece.

Even with all the measuring, though, they ended up with extra wood…so they covered the pond’s water filter with the leftovers.

I think it’s safe to say that we’re all jealous. How beautiful is that?