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First of all, let’s take a good look at Queen Bey herself. We all know what she looks like.

I ain’t real if I ain’t real with you -B

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Now, take a look at Brittany. See what I mean?

It’s tough to believe that this isn’t actually a photo of Beyoncé with Jay Z.

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This one, however, is the actual famous couple. You can seriously barely tell the difference.

I’m not the “other” anything.. I’m the only “B” of my kind… -B

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Brittany says she first started being mistaken for the singer in the early days of Destiny’s Child.

As Beyoncé’s status grew, so did Brittany’s mixups.

Brittany may look just like Beyoncé, but she insists that it’s totally coincidental and that she doesn’t try to enhance the similarity at all.

Get baptized in my love and I’ll make you flawless -B

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Brittany says she is constantly approached by fans and having her pictures taken by people who think she’s the real thing.

Don’t test my crown -B

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The comparison and attention used to bother Brittany, but she’s come around to it and now just finds it easier to give the people what they want — a picture with who they think is Beyoncé.

Never impress people with plans.. Impress them with results… -B DON DONA

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Brittany of course takes it as a compliment and tells Daily Mail:

We’re simply blessed to have a woman with such grace, humility, loyalty, talent and work ethic to exist in our time. 

She’s the example of what men should seek and girls should become. 

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I can barely even tell who is who anymore!

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