People all over the world go through puberty and find themselves with acne, but sometimes the acne does not go away after that stage of your life is over, and sometimes it’s much more serious than most situations.

Unfortunately, that can sometimes lead to bullying and insecurities—no matter what age you are.

And that’s something that a young man named Brian knows about first hand.

He’s had cystic acne for years, he was bullied in school, and eventually, when every medicine failed — he felt defeated. He looked in the mirror every morning counting how many new pimples would appear and how he would feel having to face the world that day.

But then, he decided to try something else. He eliminated dairy from his diet, and pimples started dwindling. So, then he tried to change his diet even more—adding more vegetables and less junk, and his face completely cleared up!

His before and after shots are unrecognizable, and his raw and emotional video which he made before his skin cleared up landed him on The Doctors. 

The video below shares Brian’s emotional struggle, and triumph along with his stunning transformation and glowing smile now that he’s acne free and helping others realize the severity of acne. Every case isn’t the same, but he’s giving hope to people everywhere!

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